A new exciting project for our little circus !

Cirque de Bohème need your help !
Please take time to visit our gofundme new circus project.

We are working right now on this project to bring our circus to the Festival d’Avignon in France in July 2019.
We are always grateful for your support.  
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Merci merci !

Michel Michelis, 
Cirque de Bohème.

 Michel Michelis is an eclectic artist. 

Singer, song writer, actor, director, script writer,

Radio presenter, DJ, producer.


Pixar Studio with John Lasseter, Denise Ream and Brad Lewis, gave Michel the opportunity to do a new character voice on the movie Cars 2, for the french car, Tomber.

In 2009 Michel teams up to create the Gypsy Jazz band “Rue Manouche” in San Francisco, and they recorded a great Cd “Billet Doux”.
Michel is teaming up again to create a new blues band called “Saga & Jefferson Ray” and they recorded a great Cd “La Trace”.
In 2012 Michel create near San Francisco “Le Cirque de Bohème”, with talented artist from different circus, Le Cirque du Soleil, Circus of Sound, Circus Bella, Cirque Plume, and also with an amazing group of dancers (CanCan, Vaudeville, Cabaret) and with his musician from  the band “Rue Manouche”. The show call, “A Bohemian Dream” have a great success on the bay area and on the wine country.

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